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Welcome to WinnexPlus

Ever imagined owning parts of large companies and businesses? With Winnex + this has become possible and very lucrative!

The mission of WinnexPlus is to contribute to the growth of companies by providing funds from several (large or small) investors, thus making the business of these companies much more competitive and attractive.

Winnex is already a solid business with real companies and they are already generating profit for their investors! Do not miss out on this great opportunity to make your financial life quieter or even change for the better! Because new businesses are constantly being evaluated by the highly qualified Winex analyst team to select the best and best deals to receive new investments and thus make the business even more profitable for you who are already an investor and for you who are still analyzing the business.

Why should I Invest with Winnex+?

Winnex + works with the franchise market meeting the common interests of franchisors and franchisees, making them partners with a constant pursuit of success and profit for both.

By carefully analyzing the new business invested by forming decision-making pertinent to these investments under the responsibility of Winnex, where it manages these assets while maintaining profitability in every new business contributed with the financial resources of the investors.

WinnexPlus franchising what is

Security of a solid market

WinnexPlus Security of a solid market
The sector's turnover reaches 140 billion

Socioeconomic Contribution

WinnexPlus The franchising sector generates more than 1.7 million direct jobs
The franchising sector generates more than 1.7 million direct jobs

Business in everywhere

WinnexPlus More than 150 thousand franchised units
More than 150 thousand franchised units
Advantages of WinnexPlus Franchises
WinnexPlus Advantages of Winnex+ Franchises
WinnexPlus Winnex+ explicacao como funciona
Do not you understand anything about the franchise business or investments?

Be Carefree! We are a team focused on getting you
Do not miss out on this great opportunity,
We will give you full support!

WinnexPlus Invests in Business and Valuable Markets

Always investing in promising businesses WinnexPlus conveys a certainty to investors that they can always count on the return on invested capital and great profitability.

The investment market is an activity that is well known in many countries, since big brands and companies have only reached the levels where they are by the advent of the collective investments like those of Winnex.

Trader esportivo da WinnexPlus

Sports Trader

Born to create competent professionals, Trader Club allows them to act in the buying and selling of football actions, thus obtaining their real livelihood leading to their enrichment and financial independence.

And that the sports betting market has reached the mark of 70 billion dollars in the year 2016, and is a number that is constantly growing.

14Bit Exchange Bitcoin WinnexPlus

14Bit Exchange Bitcoin

It’s a house that buys and sells Bitcoin coins, and worldwide, the numbers of that virtual currency reach a staggering $ 5 billion every day in every currency exchange house.

And a very valuable information is that in the last 3 years the market for the virtual currency Bitcoin achieved growth of 438%.

Winburger Rede de Hamburgers da WinnexPlus


High-quality, the WinBurger Hamburger Franchise provide a pleasant, delicious environment to offer customers natural ingredients where they can choose how to set up their hamburger.

And astonishing as the numbers of the Food sector in Brazil: R $ 614 billion in 2016 only, data provided by the (Abia) Brazilian Association of Food Industries.

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We are ready to provide you with all the support and any questions you may have regarding how to become part of WinnexPlus.

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you to our team!

We are in many parts of the world! Do not worry, we have customer service in several languages!

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